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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Buffy, Planet of the Apes, Preacher

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to be Disney's first 4K Blu-Ray release

I personally have mixed feelings about James Gunn 's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. However, even I can't deny how visually stunning and colorful Marvel's latest interstellar sci-fi sequel truly is. Yesterday, James Gunn announced via his personal Facebook page that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is inline to become Disney's first Blu-Ray to be presented...
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James Gunn once wanted to helm a Hit Monkey & Hulk/Red Hulk film

Before GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 director James Gunn became a household name that's synonymous with the MCU, the multi-talented filmmaker revealed that he would have liked to have brought some more obscure ideas and pairings to Marvel's line of theatrical juggernauts. During a recent Facebook Q&A, Gunn revealed that,  "I wanted to do Hit Monkey....
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Saddle up for adventure with the new My Little Pony: The Movie trailer

The time has finally come for Hasbro's beautifully animated and smartly written MY LITTLE PONY franchise to make its return to the big screen with MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. In the film, ponies Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity must band together in an effort to rid themselves of a grave threat to Ponyville. Together, the ponies...
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Peter Quill's Walkman replaced a Darth Vader easter egg in Guardians

Peter Quill's Walkman in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is quite an important fixture in his life, not only does it represent a connection to Earth and his mother, but it also provides an excuse for the film's awesome soundtrack. It seems odd to imagine that the Walkman wasn't always a part of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told Mashable that...
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Production has begun on James Cameron's stand-alone Avatar sequels

On the evening of June 20th, during 20th Century Fox's presentation at CineEurope in Barcelona, Lightstorm Entertainment's Jon Landau shared some details as to the production of James Cameron 's four upcoming AVATAR sequels. As we've reported in the past, the Cameron-directed films will be stand-alone ventures, but will ultimately come together to form "an epic...
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Oona Chaplin joins the cast of James Cameron's Avatar sequels

Pretty much everyone who survived the events of AVATAR, as well as some who didn't, are expected to return for the whopping four sequels to the James Cameron epic, but there are still plenty of new characters to be cast. During CineEurope in Barcelona it was announced that Oona Chaplin (yes, Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter) will be heading to Pandora. Plot details of...
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Star Trek: Discovery to boldly go with a September premiere date & more!

Are you ready to boldly go into a new STAR TREK television series? Well, mic check your communicators, make sure you don't wear anything the color red, and prepare to board STAR TREK: DISCOVERY beginning on Sunday, September 24th , with a special broadcast premiere on the CBS TV network which is set to air from 8:30-9:30 PM . Additionally, the first and second episode of the...
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Jorge R. Gutierrez announces development on The Book of Life 2!

We've got some great news for all of you animation enthusiasts out there! This afternoon, Jorge R. Gutiérrez took to his personal Twitter account to announce that he's in the process of developing a sequel to the Dia de los Muetos-inspired animated feature THE BOOK OF LIFE. With Dallas-based animation house ReelFX signed on to produce, Gutiérrez...
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James Gunn hilariously trolls someone impersonating Kevin Feige on Instagram

Crafting the future of one of the most successful movie franchise of all time must be a very time-consuming job, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a little childish fun now and again. When someone claiming to be Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige contacted James Gunn on Instagram, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 director decided to have a little fun at their...
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Watch James Gunn perform Baby Groot's dance from Guardians Vol. 2

While the rest of the team does battle with the inter-dimensional beast known as the Abilisk, Groot ( Vin Diesel ) grooves his way through the opening credits of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 while blasting "Mr Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra. It's a fun, not to mention adorable, way to begin the film, and just as with the first GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Groot's...
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Joel David Moore to head back to Pandora for Avatar sequels

It just wouldn't be an AVATAR film without Joel David Moore reprising his role of (checks IMDb) Dr. Norm Spellman! Per Deadline , Joel David Moore has officially signed on for more adventures in the world of Pandora, but it's not yet known how many of the four sequels Moore will appear in. It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Moore will be back as pretty much...
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