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Classic Horror Cliches: Episode 3 - Creepy Ghost Children

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Description: http://www.joblo.com - Classic Horror Cliches: Episode 3 - Creepy Ghost Children (HD) Arrow In The Head A new series on the JoBlo Movie Network and Arrow In The Head.com as we're breaking down the most overused yet classic horror movie cliches. For episode two, we're taking a look back at the classic slasher villains of our childhoods that just don't ever seem to die. Horror Films Used: The Unborn The Ring Sinister Insidious The Grudge Thir13en Ghosts Stay Alive Silent Hill The Eye The Orphanage The Return The Woman in Black 1408 And Soon The Darkness
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The Unborn - Upcoming Movies

The Unborn

Directed by: David Goyer

Written by: David Goyer

Cast: Gary Oldman , Odette Yustman , Cam Gigandet

Studio: Rogue Pictures

Genre: Horror

Official Site: www.theunbornmovie.net

Release Date: January 9, 2009 (wide)

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