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Exclusive: AITH's Killer Guide To Horror: Chucky

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Description: http://www.arrowinthehead.com - Killer Guide To Horror: Chucky (HD) Arrow in the Head, Child's Play We're starting up a new horror series here on the JoBlo Movie Trailers channel which is dedicated to some of the most famous killers of all-time in movies. From Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers, ArrowInTheHead.com will be analyzing all of them. This week we look at the possessed doll, Chucky, from the famed Child's Play series!
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Child's Play - Upcoming Movies

Child's Play

Directed by: Tom Holland

Written by: Don Mancini , John Lafia , Tom Holland

Cast: Catherine Hicks , Chris Sarandon , Alex Vincent , Brad Dourif

Studio: United Artists

Genre: Horror

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: November 11, 1988 (wide)

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