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STAN HELSING - clip "Hockey"

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Description: STAN HELSING is the hilariously terrifying saga of lovable slacker/video store clerk Stan, (Steve Howey of Reba), who heads out to a Halloween night costume party with three pals his hot ex-girlfriend Nadine, (Wedding Crashers co-star and Maxim ber-babe Diora Baird), best friend/law student Teddy, (SNLs Kenan Thompson) and Teddys date, exotic dancer/massage therapist Mia, (newcomer Desi Lydic) only to detour into a town cursed by parodies of the most iconic movie monsters of modern times: Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Pinhead, Michael Myers and Leatherface. But when Stan discovers that hes a direct descendant of the legendary monster hunter Van Helsing, he must defeat the monsters and drive them from the town. During which, the four will have to survive a night of cross-dressing waitresses (Leslie Nielsen), razor-gloved killers, hell raisers, hockey masks, pleather faces, psycho dolls, homicidal hitchhikers, vampire strippers, killer karaoke, and lots of hot chicks kissing each other, (okay, that parts not so bad). Can a guy whose motto is Dont get involved learn to embrace huge doobs, awesome boobs, true love and yet still find time to save the world? The answer is a resounding yes as Stan and the gang show that theyre up to the karaoke challenge and Stan is no longer a reluctant hero but a hero through and through.
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Stan Helsing

Directed by: Bo Zenga

Written by: Bo Zenga

Cast: Steve Howey , Diora Baird , Kenan Thompson , Desi Lydic , Leslie Nielsen


Genre: Comedy, Horror

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: October 23, 2009 (wide)

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