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Exclusive: MovieHotties 6-Pack - Favorite Bikini Moments From Movies

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Description: http://www.joblo.com "Favorite Bikini Moments From Movies" (HD) Jessica Simpson, Phoebe Cates With the winter months behind us and the sunshine of summer upon us there's no better time than now to count down some of our favorite bikini moments from movies. There's a huge selection of such wonderful sights, but we narrowed down some of our new and old favorites into this edition of Movie Hotties 6-Pack. Enjoy (like we need to tell you that)! MovieHotties Six-Pack List (In order): 6. Bo Derek "10" 5. Jessica Simpson "The Dukes of Hazzard" 4. Jessica Biel "Summer Catch" 3. Jessica Alba "Into The Blue" 2. Carrie Fisher "Return of the Jedi" 1. Phoebe Cates "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
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