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Hottie of the Month: Margot Robbie - August 2016

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Description: http://www.moviehotties.com Hottie of the Month: Margot Robbie - August 2016 There's no clowning around when it comes to our latest Hottie of the Month, which happens to be Australian beauty Margot Robbie. In just a few short years, Margot has managed to become one of our favorite big screen presences of all time, and it's no big secret why. Of course, she snagged one hell of a breakout role in Scorsese's drug-and-sex-fueled THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, but just like Jordan Belfort, she hasn't slowed down ever since. In fact, Margot's career appears to just be taking off, with a ton of projects in the works, including the probability of an all-female Harley Quinn film (assuming SUICIDE SQUAD brings in enough of an audience this weekend, anyway). Psychotic and criminal behavior aside, Margot has hacked her way into our hearts by showing off her fun, zany and cool personality, which is just about everything jokers like us are looking for in a lady. So, without further adieu, please enjoy this special video mash-up of our Hottie of the Month for August 2016, Margot Robbie!
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