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Episode #32 of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW (The Halloween Episode!)

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Description: Episode #32 of the JoBlo Movie Show (The Halloween Episode - October 30, 2009) including The Arrow Spits on your Grave (How to celebrate Halloween!), Geek Stuff (Halloween-themed beverages & comic books), JoBlo’s Nightmare before Christmas shite, DVD Injection featuring Machine Girl as the Awfully Good Clip, Hilarious Halloween viral videos, Moviehotties.com presents: The Top 5 Hottest Female Horror Victims, The Trailer Park (Toy Story 3, Until the Light Takes Us, The Wolfman), The Celebrity Minute: Favorite Costumed Movie Hotties, The Five Spot: Top 5 Flicks for Halloween and The Stache Sez reviews Paranormal Activity, The House of the Devil and Saw 6.
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