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Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of 2016

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Description: http://www.moviehotties.com Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of 2016 2016 hasn't been good for a lot of things. I think most of us can agree with the four letter hashtagged ode to 2016, what with its killing a bunch of great people and well, pretty much everything else aside from the one true constant that brings all of us - men and women, young and old, right and left - together: a beautiful woman in a bikini. It's a gentle reminder that the sun will always shine again and when it does, someone will strip down to the basic requirements for modesty in public for all in viewing distance to enjoy. And even those not in viewing distance, provided the paparazzi's camera lens is powerful enough. Here are 10 of the best bikini moments of 2016.
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