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Attraction Reactions: Boo! A Madea Halloween

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Description: http://www.joblo.com Attraction Reactions: Boo! A Madea Halloween Halloween and the art of cinema go together so very well and every holiday season we are blessed with many different films to accompany the candy and costumes. In the latest episode of Attraction Reactions we explore the pop corn phenomenon that is a Tyler Perry film... but not just any Tyler Perry film, this time mad Madea shows us what it's like to celebrate Halloween in her neighborhood. I honestly can say that I have never seen a Madea movie before, but they are always making major bank at the box office for years now and this old woman show no sign of slowing down. Hollywood has a long history of male comedians throwing on a wig and a dress to get a few laughs and Tyler Perry seems to have perfected that art. Say what you want about this loud mouth grandma with an attitude (and a gun) you cannot deny Tyler Perry's impact on pop culture. So put down your diaries and watch what true Tyler Perry fans thought of his latest cinematic creation!
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