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Description: A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant "white blindness". Those first afflicted are quarantined by the authorities in an abandoned mental hospital where the newly created "society of the blind" quickly breaks down. Criminals and the physically powerful prey upon the weak, hording the meager food rations and committing horrific acts. There is however one eyewitness to the nightmare. A woman whose sight is unaffected by the plague follows her afflicted husband to quarantine. There, keeping her sight a secret, she guides seven strangers who have become, in essence, a family. She leads them out of quarantine and onto the ravaged streets of the city, which has seen all vestiges of civilization crumble. Their voyage is fraught with danger, yet their survival and ultimate redemption reflect the tenacity and depth of the human spirit.
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Directed by: Fernando Meirelles

Written by: Don McKellar

Cast: Julianne Moore , Mark Ruffalo , Gael Garcia Bernal , Danny Glover , Alice Braga

Studio: Miramax

Genre: Thriller

Official Site: www.blindness-themovie.com

Release Date: October 3, 2008 (wide)

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