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Description: Doug Glatt is a gentle giant who’s lethal with his fists but reluctant to use them. That is, until he goes to a hockey game and flattens a visiting player. The next day, while appearing on a web chat show hosted by his best friend, Doug is scouted by the coach of the local minor-league team. Doug’s job? Beat up anyone who gets near Xavier Laflamme, a hotshot player afraid to touch the puck since a devastating hit from legend­ary enforcer — and Doug’s idol — Ross “The Boss” Rhea.
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Directed by: Michael Dowse

Written by: Jay Baruchel , Evan Golberg

Cast: Jay Baruchel , Seann William Scott , Liev Schreiber , Kim Coates , Eugene Levy

Studio: Magnet Releasing

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: www.magnetreleasing.com/goon/

Release Date: March 30, 2012 (limited)

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