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Description: For the last thirteen years AJ (Triple H) has been behind bars, convicted of manslaughter for killing a man who intended to kill his best friend, Jack (Michael Rapaport). Now released, AJ wants nothing more than to start a small business and live a crime-free life. Unfortunately, within hours of leaving prison, his oldest and best friend, Jack (Michael Rapaport) involves AJ in an accidental shooting in which a man is killed, forcing Jack to skip town.
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Inside Out (2011)

Directed by: Artie Mandelberg

Written by: Dylan Schaffer

Cast: Paul Levesque , Michael Rapaport , Parker Posey , Michael Cudlitz , Bruce Dern

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Genre: Action, Thriller

Official Site: www.insideoutmovie.com

Release Date: September 9, 2011 (limited)

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