108 Media acquires rights to slasher movie Pinup Dolls on Ice

I think I saw director Geoff Klein's 2009 movie BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE, I just don't remember much about it. It may be time to revisit it, though, because 108 Media has just landed the U.S. distribution rights and worldwide sales rights to PINUP DOLLS ON ICE, the sequel Klein has made with co-director Melissa Mira.

Described as "an unapologetic love letter to all the old school slasher films from the '80s", PINUP DOLLS ON ICE centers on

The Pinup Dolls, a hot retro act who put the tease back in striptease. But when an old friend hires them to put on a show at a secluded campground, the girls find themselves being stalked by a homicidal maniac with a sick obsession with ice. As they're hunted one-by-one, they soon realize they'll have to rely on more than just their looks to survive this nightmare named Moe.

BIKINI GIRLS script editor Michael Penning provided the screenplay for PINUP DOLLS, which stars Karine Kerr, Suzi Lorraine, William Jarand, Emily Crighton, Kyla Shinkewski, Jordan Mae Antoinette, Ashley Almon, and Ariela Levi.

Call your movie a love letter to '80s slashers and you immediately have me drawn in, so I will be checking out PINUP DOLLS ON ICE for sure. I hope to enjoy it, because Klein and Mira are already in pre-production on a third installment in the ON ICE series.

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Source: ScreenDaily



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