1:1 Interview with Lili Taylor & Ron Livingston! The Conjuring!

There is something spooky going on for Lily Taylor and Ron Livingston in their latest THE CONJURING. The James Wan directed feature offers these wonderfully talented actors the chance to take on ghostly encounters and much more. The two are fantastic as a husband and wife who are trying to protect their family from a dark and mysterious force that reportedly haunted the real life couple which they portray.

As a fan of both Taylor and Livingston, I was thrilled to sit down and talk with the two. The conversation started with their thoughts on how important it is for an actor to believe in the subject at hand. THE CONJURING is “based on a true story” one that would certainly be questionable to many a skeptic. Next up they talked about working with James Wan (INSIDIOUS) who continues to present audiences with tales of supernatural terror. And in this particular case, he has made a pretty darn creepy flick. THE CONJURING opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

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