20th Century Fox scoops sci-fi thriller pitch Theory Of Everything

If your wife was assumed dead, would you scour another dimension to rescue her?

Such is the premise for THEORY OF EVERYTHING, a new sci-fi thriller 20th Century Fox has acquired for big-screen adaptation. Dan Casey and Nick Nantell conceived the project, with the former penning a comic-book one-off for Top Cow that's now serving as an outline for a feature film. Word is the entire story is steeped within the science of string theory and quantum physics.

More, THEORY OF EVERYTHING is an action thriller that follows a disgraced scientist as he seeks to rescue his wife from a parallel dimension — a woman who was previously assumed dead.

Decent enough, if derivative. More intriguing to me is that Oscar-winning AMERICAN BEAUTY producer Dan Jinks is onbaord. Whom he tasks with directing and starring should really determine how excited we should be. After-all, Jinks introduced us to Sam Mendes back in 1999. Maybe someone similar will be discovered for THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

Extra Tidbit: You happen to read the comic-one off on which the pitch is based?
Source: Deadline



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