28 Days Later star Naomie Harris will Rampage with Dwayne Johnson

I cannot hear the word RAMPAGE without picturing Sterling Archer yelling it before, or after, murdering someone in a hail of cartoon gun-fire. That said, 28 DAYS LATER and SKYFALL actress Naomie Harris (who would make a great live-action Lana) has signed to star alongside Dwayne Johnson in New Line's adventure RAMPAGE.

Which is based on that video game from the 80's. Not the episode of ARCHER. Unfortunately...

Harris, who received an Oscar nomination yesterday for her work in MOONLIGHT, is said to have "sparked to the fun tone of the script" and will star as a "geneticist with a moral streak" along side Johnson who is playing "an animal-loving hero who is the world’s only hope." Right...

While New Line is keeping plot details of RAMPAGE wrapped up tight, we do know the film - like the video game - will feature three HUGE creatures (a gorilla, crocodile and a wolf) wreaking all kinds of havoc and knocking down every possible landmark they can find. More specifically, Rampage is a 1986 arcade game by Bally Midway where:

"Players take control of gigantic monsters trying to survive against onslaughts of military forces. Each round is completed when a particular city is completely reduced to rubble."

Does this mean that just like every other monster-movie made, RAMPAGE is really going to be about creatures who are, in the end, merely misunderstood? Let's hope so, right? With Johnson labeled as "an animal-loving hero" he will eventually have to save the cat, correct? That was some screenwriting humor for you guys.

Rampage is set to release April 20, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Which Naomie Harris flick do you prefer, 28 DAYS LATER or SKYFALL?
Source: THR



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