3D horror-comedy Dead Before Dawn seals U.S. distribution

It has been a little under a year since we last heard anything about the Canadian zombie romp DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D, but the wait has been worth it - at least for the film itself- as the pic has finally been acquired for U.S. distribution.

Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment has nabbed the April Mullen-directed feature, which had already sold to countries like Great Britain, Germany and Russia. No telling on whether or not the film will get a theatrical release to take advantage of its 3D (it was shot that way, not post-converted), but hopefully release date news is on the horizon.

DEAD BEFORE DAWN, which stars Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd and Martha MacIsaac, has the following synopsis:

Casper Galloway's future is one giant question mark. With only two weeks until College graduation he still lives with his mother, is indecisive to a fault and is one credit away from failing. But just when Casper thinks things couldn't get any worse, he and his friends accidentally unleash a curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka Zemons.

Armed with a slew of homemade weapons and a Winnebago, the team races through the night, killing Zemons and fighting time, frantically searching for a way to reverse the curse. But as the Zemon army starts to overpower the team, Casper finds himself with no choice but to face his fears and become the unlikeliest of heroes. Will Casper be able to reverse the curse and save the world, or will he and all his friends be "Dead Before Dawn?"

Extra Tidbit: Director April Mullen (pictured above) is evidently the first woman director to have shot a film using stereoscopic 3D.
Source: Variety



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