3D Korean monster movie Sector 7 gets theatrical release in US & Canada!

One flick I've been really stoked for since it's first article here at AITH is the 3D Korean monster movie Sector 7, which is coming at us from director Kim Ji-hoon. I can't really pinpoint why this one has me excited... It just looks like a creature feature that's actually going to deliver! Or at least we can hope it will..

Well if you're like me and are looking forward to this one then boy do I have some awesome news for you! SECTOR 7 has itself a US release! Sure it's a limited one, but it's better than nothing right?? According to the flick's official website it's already playing in Los Angeles with plans to hit the following cities this Friday September 16th:

Philadelphia, PA
Washington D.C.
Dallas, TX
New York, NY
Ridgefield, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Cupertino, CA
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

That'll be followed by a release in Honolulu, HI on October 14th. Of course it's nowhere near me. Who knows, if this limited release does well for SECTOR 7 maybe it'll expand a bit... though I wouldn't count on it.

In "Sector 7", an underwater oil field located south of Jeju Island, Hae-jun is working as a marine equipment manager on an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Joining the crew later is Jeong-man, a former colleague of Hae-jun's father, assigned to Eclipse as captain. Though his job is to oversee the withdrawal of the ship, he suggests conducting some drilling one last time.

After 3 weeks of preparation, Hae-jun takes new recruit underwater, but he sinks to the bottom of the sea when the equipment fails. Shortly crew members begin to turn up dead, one by one, their bodies viciously multilated.

What the few survivors soon discover is a transparent underwater creature they encountered once before. The viral monster infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and has been feeding on the crew to survive. Hae-jun and his colleagues' frantic fight for their lives begins.

SECTOR 7 stars Ha Ji-won (below), Ahn Seong-gi, Lee Han-wee, Park Cheol-min, Oh Ji-ho, Song Sae-byeok and Cha Ye-ryeon. If it's playing somewhere near you and your interest is peaked at all, do yourself a favor and check this one out!

SECTOR 7 (2011) - Teaser Trailer

Extra Tidbit: What's the scariest creature you've ever seen on film?



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