60s British horror flick The City of the Dead set to be remade

THE CITY OF THE DEAD, aka HORROR HOTEL, is British horror flick starring Christopher Lee from the 60s. Yes, I know, plenty of those. But not all of them get a spotlight shone on them because of an impending remake - and THE CITY OF THE DEAD is getting a remake...

The announcement comes today from Welsh production company Pillay-Evans Productions and producer Adam Stephen Kelly. SJ Evans (the upcoming DEAD OF THE NITE) will write and direct.

Here's the premise of the original film: A college student, Nan Barlow is researching the history of witchcraft. Taunted by her brother and fiance, who have voiced their concern over her silly notions, Nan arms herself with resolve and drives into the small New England village of Whitewood. She is glad that at least she was able to count on the support of her professor. A bit anxious but consumed with curiosity, she will soon embark herself on the journey of her life!

Kelly had this to say: "It's our intention to take British horror back to its roots. With our film, we're going back to what made the genre we love great. Over the last year or so, we've seen attitudes towards the genre changing and audiences are growing tired of being grossed out. They're after the next big scare. With THE CITY OF THE DEAD, we aim to make a film that evokes emotion from the audience because of its characters, atmosphere and tension, rather than how much blood is spilled. We're going to combine classic genre tropes with a classic story to create something that will take a 21st century audience for a ride.”

Star of the original film, Venetia Stevenson

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