A couple new shots from the trapped thriller ATM offer more of the same

Well folks with a Video-On-Demand release just a few weeks away it should come as no surprise that the goods for David Brooks' trapped thriller ATM are coming at us fast and furious! Earlier this month I gave you all a look at a new poster for this shindig with Marcey doing the same thing yesterday. Now here I am with even more ATM goods to wet your whistles!

Don't get too excited though... Today's goods really aren't anything worth writing home about. Above and below you'll find two brand new stills form the flick that feature... well.. pretty much the same thing every other ATM good has featured - three people stuck in an ATM. Go ahead and scroll away above and below to get a look at that shite but don't expect much excitement..

After leaving their company Christmas Party together, David Hargrove and Emily Brandt's impromptu first date takes an unexpected turn when their coworker, Corey, asks them to make a late-night stop at an ATM. What should be a routine transaction turns into a desperate struggle for survival when an unknown man appears outside the vestibule. With the wintry temperatures dipping below freezing, and the morning sunrise still hours away, they have no choice but to play the man's deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

The thriller, which is set to hit VOD on March 2nd, stars Alice Eve (below), Josh Peck and Brian Geraghty. After it's VOD release ATM will be looking at an April 6th theatrical release so you can expect more goods from this one as we near that date.

Extra Tidbit: Josh Peck began his career back in 2000 though he didn't really hit it big until the 2004 Nickelodeon show "Drake & Josh."
Source: IFC Midnight



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