Two new shots pop up for Drew Goddard's highly anticipated Cabin in the Woods!

I think it's pretty safe to say one of the most highly anticipated horror flicks of the upcoming year is Drew Goddard's THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Hell I'd be willing to bet this thing is one of the most highly anticipated horror flicks ever! The build-up for this shite has just been insane.

That sentiment is echoed today in the release of two new stills from the flick. We've got a shot of our stars in the titular cabin and a behind the scenes shot featuring director Drew Goddard and producer Joss Whedon.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS toys with convention when five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know this story, think again.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Kristen Connolly, Brian J. White, Amy Acker (below), Fran Kranz, and Jesse Williams, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is set to hit the SXSW Festival on March 9th followed by an April 13th theatrical release.


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Source: Badass Digest



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