A dark transformation underway in stills & trailer for international genre flick Beast

You guys ever hear of a flick called BEAST coming our way courtesy of director Christoffer Boe? No, me either. That's why I've decided to take some time today to tell you all about it!

You see BEAST will be hitting the Fantasia International Film Festival later this month and to celebrate a couple brand new stills from the flick have just dropped into our laps. I've gone and tossed that shite up above and below along with a previously released trailer for the flick. So get scrolling and tap that gruesome shite!

Bruno loves his wife, Maxine, but his love and body are slowly undergoing a transformation. Something is beginning to stir inside him, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Because when you first delve into the dark side of love to find power, aggression and hatred, there is no turning back.

BEAST, which will be hitting the Fantasia International Film Festival between July 19th and August 7th, stars Nicolas Bro, Marijana Jankovic (below) and Nikolaj Lie. You can bet we'll keep our eyes on this one and when more goods from BEAST drop we'll be right here to pass them along to all of you.

BEAST (2012) - SXSW Festival Trailer

Extra Tidbit: What's the most vicious transformation you've ever seen on film?
Source: Fantasia



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