Updated! Visit the main location of The Arrow's horror movie, The Shelter!

UPDATED: Only 66 hours left to support The Shelter IndieGoGo campaign!

Hey all! A THE SHELTER campaign update, which is of course my horror directorial debut, starring Michael Pare (100 Feet, Bad Moon). Find below a video tour of the main THE SHELTER house; courtesy of our producer Donny Broussard, our DP Bobby Hollbrook and our VFX supervisor Thomas Wilson. This is where we're gonna spend the bulk of our time and where 65% of the action in the film will happen.

Campaign wise, on the positive side we're at page 2 of the IndieGoGo film section, the perks I had made started coming in (still waiting for them crew hats) and the shares on the campaign keep going up. We also won project of the week on Indiereign.com! On the flipside; with only 66 hours to go with the campaign, it's now obvious to me that we won't reach our goal, which is a bummer to be honest, but that doesn't mean we should quit now.

THE SHELTER - HOUSE VIDEO TOUR from John Fallon on Vimeo.

The more that is invested in THE SHELTER, the better project we will make. So if you really can't contribute to support this movie, at least share, like and tweet, the campaign. Yes, that helps as well. This will be a bold and novel horror film with a stand-out role for Mr. Pare. If that's not a good cause, I don't know what is! Back to the hustle I go! Own the day people!

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