A new one sheet for The Arrow's The Shelter and a location visit!

Hey all, as I had reported here, I recently launched a crowd-funding campaign for my film THE SHELTER starring the great Michael Pare (Streets of Fire)! How is it running a campaign? Phew. I'll get back to you on that. Lets just say I am learning a lot about A LOT! On that, feast your retinas on a new one-sheet (below) that we just whipped up for the campaign. Hope you dig it! Moreover, I included a video of my sorry ass showing you around one of our locations. Check it out!

Current status? We have 30 days left to go in terms of the campaign. So if you can share it around the web or/and contribute to it (even if its 2 bucks)  I'd mucho appreciate it. The more contributions we get, the more profile our campaign gets, hence further potential investments. I would also like to take the time to thank writer/director Eric Red and writer/director/editor Patrick Lussier who have given me some great directing advice and two quotes in support of the campain. Here they are!

"John Fallon's passion for all movies is only overshadowed by his desire to make a great one. THE SHELTER promises to be that: a tight, taut thriller, where John's passion is focused with laser purity to seize the audience and grip them until the final frame. I know the film John wants to make and that he'll hurl himself at the challenge with ferocity and drive to create a cinematic roller-coaster everyone that invests can be proud of. " - Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry, Scream)

"John Fallon's directorial vision for THE SHELTER is personal and ambitious, and he intends to make a very different type of horror film without compromise. Fallon knows as much about the horror genre as anybody I know, and I can't wait to see the unique artistic stamp he brings to his first feature as a director. This will be anything but your usual horror movie." Eric Red (The Hitcher, Body Parts, 100 Feet) 

That's it! Thanks for the support y'all ! It means a lot to me. We're gonna make one hell of a horror movie. Done!

Extra Tidbit: This new one-sheet was once again designed by JoBlo.com editor in chief Paul Shirey! A great f-ing man!



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