A quarterly "Walking Dead" Magazine is on the way! Starting this October!

It was less than a few hours ago that Eric treated us all to the latest update from "The Walking Dead" Season 3 and now here I am with even more "Walking Dead" news for you to gnaw on.

Now while this update I'm about to inform you all about isn't news about the TV show per-say, it's more regarding the entire "Walking Dead" universe! You see, it seems Titan Magazines and Skybound are teaming up to create a quarterly "Walking Dead" magazine! That's pretty awesome. Not only will the magazine feature information about the TV show, but it will dabble in the world of THE WALKING DEAD comics as well. It will also touch on toys, video games and anything else "Walking Dead" related. Is "The Walking Dead" really that big that it warrants it's own magazine? Why yes Jared, it is.

The first issue of The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine will be hitting newsstands on October 23rd with a look inside the writers' room of the AMC zombie drama as well as offering an inside look at the long-running Skybound comic series created by Robert Kirkman. Just in time for the Season 3 premiere! Natch!

Issue number one will include interviews with showrunner Glen Mazzara, Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Sarah Wayne Callies (below - Lori) and Jon Bernthal (Shane). It will feature 100 pages and include an alternate cover featuring a colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and only be available through comic book stores.

So there you have it folks! Even more to look forward to from the world of "The Walking Dead!"

Extra Tidbit: There's actually going to be a "Walking Dead" obstacle course at this year's Comic-Con. How awesome is that?!
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