A Serbian Film to get a US release in all its filthy, uncut glory

Srdjan Spasojevic's shocker A SERBIAN FILM has had a long, hard road into the US. The (deservedly) controversial flick has seen protests, forced edits and even legal action taken against Angel Sala, director of Spain’s Sitges Film Festival, for screening the thing. Now, after the dust has finally settled, it seems like an uncensored, unedited version of the movie will actually see a US release as a limited edition DVD. Even better, the spooky kooks over at Fangoria managed to nab an exclusive first look at the disc art. Scroll down to see it in its entirety.

Milos, a retired porn star, leads a normal family life with his wife Maria and six-year old son Petar in tumultuous Serbia, trying to make ends meet. A sudden call from his former colleague Layla will change everything. Aware of his financial problems, Layla introduces Milos to Vukmir - mysterious, menacing and politically powerful figure in erotic art and film. A leading role in Vukmir's new production will provide financial support to Milos and his family for the rest of their lives. A contract insists on his absolute unawareness of a script they will shoot. From then on, Milos is drawn into a maelstrom of unbelievable cruelty and mayhem devised by his employer, "the director" of his destiny. Vukmir and his cohorts will stop at nothing to complete his vision. In order to escape the living cinematic hell he's put into, and save his family's life, Milos will have to sacrifice everything - his pride, his morality, his sanity, and maybe even his own life.

I have to say, while I wasn't a huge fan of Spasojevic's film, it's good that mature audiences throughout the US will finally get a chance to make their own mind about the flick. A SERBIAN FILM is set to hit DVD on May 22nd. You can preorder it at the Invincible Pictures website.

Source: Fangoria



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