A trio of stills from Static 3D, starring Milo Ventimiglia

On tap for you this morning we have a trio of new stills from the upcoming thriller STATIC 3D, which is scheduled to hit DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday. Coming at us from music video director Todd Levin and starring Milo Ventimiglia (KISS OF THE DAMNED), Sarah Shahi ("The L Word"), and Sara Paxton (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE INNKEEPERS), STATIC 3D looks to be a tense little affair that has potential to deliver some truly genuine scares. Appropriately enough, the trio of stills we have for you to check out today feature a trio of masked baddies that, quite honestly, look terrifying in their own right. I'm digging what we're seeing from STATIC 3D...I just hope it delivers on the scares.

While coping with the tragic death of their child, a young novelist (Ventimiglia) and his wife (Sarah Shahi) are struggling just to keep their marriage alive. Their broken romance is put to the test when a mysterious girl (Paxton) shows up at their door in the middle of the night claiming masked prowlers are stalking her. The ominous situation turns even darker when the dangerous hooligans show up at their door to wreak havoc. As a game of cat and mouse ensues, the couple must work together to survive and uncover the mystery behind the attack. Soon past secrets begin to unfold... for better or worse.

You can go ahead and order STATIC on DVD HERE or scoop it up on Blu-Ray right HERE.



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