Is there a TV series in the works based on The Lawnmower Man?!

I know there's some fans of Brett Leonard's THE LAWNMOWER MAN out there right? Come on, it's a cult classic!

Well for those of you who know what I'm talking about, you're in for a treat! The folks over at Moviehole are dropping word that there's a "Lawnmower Man" TV series in the works! Seriously? Seriously!

Now while the classic sci-fi romp is indeed based on a Stephen King short story the film adaptation and it's sequel strayed away from the plot quite a bit. Who wants to watch a dude eating grass anyway? Word has it this new series will follow a plot more in lines with the first two adaptations, which read a little something like this:

The film version told of a mentally-retarded lawnmower man named Jobe who is coaxed into being a guinea pig for a scientist’s virtual reality experiments, ultimately becoming more intelligent in the process but also evil.

Now apparently Park Entertainment are packaging 26 one-hour episodes for "The Lawnmower Man" series with David Titcher already penning the pilot, which will fall somewhere between action-adventure and science-fiction. They unveiled the project at Cannes.

So what do you guys think?? Would a "Lawnmower Man" TV series work? Spit some bullets below and let us know how you're feeling about this one was we wait for more news to spill our way.

Extra Tidbit: LAWNMOWER MAN star Jeff Fahey and Michelle Rodriguez (above) have worked together on two recent projects: "Lost" and MACHETE.
Source: MovieHole



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