A24 picks up There Are Monsters from Strangers director Bryan Bertino

The Strangers

Starring RUBY SPARKS actress Zoe Kazan (below), Atlas Independent and Unbroken Pictures announced today that A24 will distribute Bryan Bertino’s upcoming horror film, THERE ARE MONSTERS, domestically. Kazan will play the lead role of what is Bertino’s newest emotionally gripping and visceral script. While I have yet to see his new found footage thriller MOCKINGBIRD, it's nice to see Bertino jumping right back into the genre and exploring the creature feature side of horror. High hopes for this one.

The film focuses on…

…a mother (Kazan) and her terrified young daughter Lizzie who are trapped and tormented by a merciless creature. In the end, only a mother’s protective love, her most primal instinct, can save them.

William Green and Aaron Ginsburg of Atlas Independent will produce with Adrienne Biddle of Unbroken Pictures. Atlas Entertainment’s Richard Suckle will be executive producing alongside Sonny Mallhi. Production is expected to start this summer in Ottawa, Canada.

Zoe Kazan

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys check out MOCKINGBIRD?



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