A24 sets up with Trey Edward Shults' It Comes At Night


Indie distributor, A24, continues to dish out some of the best, thought-provoking films the genre has to offer and Deadline reports that they’ve set their eyes on their first multi-picture deal with a director. The company has acquired KRISHA, the first film by director Trey Edward Shults that won 2015 SXSW’s grand jury and audience awards for narrative feature, and strong reviews for its inventiveness. The deal also calls for A24 to produce and distribute his second feature, IT COMES AT NIGHT, which sounds right in our wheelhouse.

IT COMES AT NIGHT will be Shults’ follow-up feature to KRISHA, and is…

…a psychological horror film about a father who will stop at nothing to protect his wife and son from a malevolent, mysterious presence terrorizing them right outside their doorstep.

In a statement, the distributor called Shults “an artist on the rise and we are proud to partner with him. His unique approach, singular style, confident storytelling and edge shines through Krisha and we are excited to collaborate with such an exceptionally talented filmmaker at the beginning of what will no doubt be a long, celebrated career.” He certainly sounds like one we should keep an eye on, that's for sure.

Source: Deadline



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