Abbie Cornish clashes with a vengeful spirit in Bitter

Abbie Cornish

A listing in Production Weekly has broken the news that director Craig Goodwill will soon be heading into production a new horror project called BITTER, which was scripted by Stephen Susco.

Abbie Cornish is set to star in the film, which will be pitting her against the vengeful spirit of a wronged child. If you want to make something creepy, making the vengeful ghost a kid is a great way to start.

The story begins when 

an American family’s ancestral trip to Ireland uncovers more than they hoped for, as a child spirit, intent on revenge for past sins committed by their newfound their Irish family follows them back home. As their Irish relatives reveal their hidden past, both the spirit and the family collide in a dual yearning for revenge and redemption.

Filming is expected to begin in February, and Goodwill and his crew will be doing some globetrotting for this one: locations include Toronto, Ireland, and South Africa.

A Summerland Entertainment and ETV Film collaboration, BITTER is being produced by ulie Kroll, Taylor Hackford, Mike Macari, and Alfredo and Moira Romano.

Cornish's previous credits include LAVENDER, the ROBOCOP remake, GEOSTORM, and the Amazon series Jack Ryan.



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