Abigail Breslin finds the key in image from Vincenzo Natali's Haunter

Here's your first look at Vincenzo Natali's spooky HAUNTER, which began production almost a month ago, as we told you HERE. Obviously, Abigail Breslin, who plays a ghost in the film (that's not a spoiler), has found a key to something important... to what, though? To what?!

In any event, HAUNTER wraps shooting in about two weeks, and then sales company Wild Bunch will bring it to Cannes to begin the process of finding a distributor. As ghost stories are always "in," it's a safe bet they'll find someone to take on the thriller.

In the "reverse ghost story," teenage Lisa (Breslin) and her family died in 1986 under sinister circumstances but remain trapped in their house, unable to move on. Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart, Olivia, avoid the same fate Lisa and her family suffered.

HAUNTER slao stars Stephen McHattie, Peter Outerbridge and Michelle Nolden (pictured below). Expect a release sometime in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Are you digging HAUNTER's premise?
Source: Wild Bunch



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