Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter gets a Director's Cut... artbook?

While it's not at all unusual for a movie to land its own artbook, this one for ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER seems unique for several reasons. First off, it's entitled "Director's Cut: The Art of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and is supposed to expand on the story told in the film. In the authors' own words:

"Conceived by Bekmambetov, this deluxe edition utilizes never-before-seen storyboards, as well as exquisite pieces of production art and conceptual designs to journey deep into the mythology of the film, telling the tale of Abraham Lincoln as seen through the eyes of "Adam," an ancient and powerful vampire who rules the American South.."

Secondly, how often do artbooks get their own trailers? This one did - you can check it out below.

Intrigued? If so, you can preorder the book HERE. Not convinced? The movie hits theaters on June 22nd, seeing it should help you make up your mind.



Extra Tidbit: Does this one seem worth adding to your collection?



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