Abrams reunites with Star Wars' Daisy Ridley for supernatural thriller Kolma

Kolma Daisy Ridley J J Abrams

When the ultrahit STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS broke box office records last year, lead actress Daisy Ridley rose from obscurity into the heights of the public eye. Of course, the thought on most people's minds was what she could possibly do to follow STAR WARS.

Obviously, she needs to knock out STAR WARS EPISODE VIII first, but she's also in talks to star in the TOMB RAIDER reboot as Lara Croft. And now she can add one more role to that heavy platter: A reunion with J. J. Abrams, this time in a producer role, for the supernatural romantic thriller KOLMA.

Based on the 2003 Israeli movie KOL MA SHE'YESH LI (ALL I'VE GOT), KOLMA tells the story of:

a young couple who get in a car accident that leaves the man dead. Decades later, the old woman must choose whether to reunite with her long-lost love in the afterlife or return to the fateful day her life changed forever.

KOLMA's most recent script was penned by Megan Holley, and Marielle Heller (THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL) is in talks to direct. Ridley's role is as yet unknown, but you'll certainly hear from us as soon as it's announced!

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Source: The Wrap



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