Acort International picks up sci-fi thriller New Order, starring Franco Nero

Always nice to receive a press release directly from the company it addresses, and such is the case with NEW ORDER, a futuristic thriller recently acquired by Acort International. Yet to be tagged with a date, NEW ORDER will at some point get a North American DVD release, a cable/satellite/internet VOD run, a limited theatrical as well as being showcased at this year’s 2012 AFM. Big plans for this one, check out the poster and stills that came along with the presser.

Starring Italian genre great Franco Nero:

NEW ORDER takes place in 2033, three years after a worldwide viral outbreak which wipes out 90% of the population, and follows a small group of survivors who have banded together and find shelter in a country house inhabited by Dr. Cornelius, a professor working on a cure. But when these survivors soon turn into test subjects in order to find a vaccine, side effects become present and some of the group start to develop extraordinary neurological activity giving them paranormal powers, but with fatal consequences. The film is shot in two vantage points, via the subjective and a video diary which documents the group’s progress.

NEW ORDER was filmed entirely in a studio outside Milan, Italy during the summer of 2011. Up and coming writer/director Marco Rosson completed the screenplay and immediately reached out to legendary actor Franco Nero (Die Hard 2, Django Unchained, Cars 2) knowing that the roll of Dr. Cornelius was scripted with him in mind. After some discussions Nero agreed to the project and filming commenced. Shot in 25 days with post-production just completed in January 2012, the film was given a world premiere in February at the Los Angles Italian Film Festival where it was met with critical acclaim. The film is in consideration at a number of films festivals for 2012.

Keep close for an official release date...

Extra Tidbit: Nero has 180 screen credits dating back to 1962.
Source: AITH



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