Actor Daniel von Bargen (Lord Of Illusions) in critical condition after an apparent attempted suicide

We here at AITH are very sad to hear of the news that actor Daniel von Bargen is in a critical condition after an apparent attempted suicide.

The actor is perhaps best known for his work on ‘Seinfeld’, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, THINNER and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN (above), within our genre community.

The incident happened on Monday, where he took a gun to his temple and shot, and then called 911. He suffers from diabetes and had to go through an amputation and was set for another one.

It is truly sad to hear this, and we only hope he makes it through. Other news outlets have his 911 call available, I always find this a disgusting act and it is truly the lowest form of reporting. We are not going to have it published here; we actually have respect for Daniel von Bargen and his family and friends.

Extra Tidbit: Daniel has an impressive body of work, and is one of those great 'that guy' actors.



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