Adam Gierasch's Schism moves forward, casts Vinnie Jones and Ashlynn Yennie

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. that principal photography on SCHISM, the first film to be produced by Dark Arts, a division of Seven Arts' affiliate, Esplanade Pictures LLC, will start on Monday, January 16th in New Orleans.

SCHISM is written by Adam Gierasch and his partner Jace Anderson and will be directed by Gierasch. Seven Arts also announced that Callum Blue ("Smallville"), Vinnie Jones (SNATCH) and Ashlynn Yennie (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE) will star in in the picture. Seven Arts has worked with Gierasch and Anderson previously on AUTOPSY and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS.

If SCHISM sounds familiar, it's because we wrote about it back in October of last year, when it seemed like the film was ready to move forward in November. Obviously, plans changed, but it's good to see SCHISM back on track for 2012.

Peter Hoffman, CEO of Seven Arts, commented, "We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson for 'Schism,' a frightening picture which will appeal both to Adam's core audience and to the wider audience for films with artistic and creative merit."

The synopsis: Dylan White works as a cook in Baton Rouge. He is also in a solid relationship with his girlfriend, Brandy. Things are great until strange events prompt him to seek out the truth about himself -- following clues, Dylan discovers a dark past in New Orleans. Can he right his past wrongs and find redemption for his sins?

Ashlynn Yennie

Extra Tidbit: Gierasch and Anderson also brought us THE TOOLBOX MURDERS remake and the screenplay for THE MOTHER OF TEARS.



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