Adam Green and Joe Lynch to podcast for 48 hours straight this weekend

Directors Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2, EVERLY) have featured a lot of gory deaths in their films, but now they're joining forces to save lives. For the last 167 weeks, Green and Lynch have been giving fascinating glimpses into the entertainment business through their podcast The Movie Crypt, and this weekend they will be podcasting for 48 hours straight for a live broadcasting event to benefit the Save a Yorkie Rescue.

As any fan of Green knows, he is devoted to his dog, a Yorkie named Arwen. As Green and Lynch make their way through this marathon podcasting session, they will be encouraging listeners to send donations to Save a Yorkie Rescue and help the non-profit, volunteer operated organization save Yorkies who have ended up in the pound and provide them with medical assistance, foster homes, and forever homes. It's a noble cause, and Green and Lynch are doing their best to help out. As they say, they're staying awake so the unfortunate Yorkies out there don't get put to sleep.

Of course, they won't just be talking about the rescue for 48 hours straight; they have a whole lot of entertainment planned to fill those hours.

Artists and celebrities from all sides of Hollywood have stepped up to join Adam, Joe, and Arwen in raising money for the rescue.  You’ll hear from people like Seth Green (FAMILY GUY, AUSTIN POWERS), Michael Gladis (MADMEN), comedian Jonah Ray (HIDDEN AMERICA, COMEDY BANG! BANG!), comedian Dave Anthony (MARON, VEEP, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), producer Sarah Elbert (HATCHET, HOLLISTON), make-up FX artist Robert Pendergraft (HATCHET 1-3, DIGGING UP THE MARROW), and clairvoyant Marilyn Kapp who will communicate with the other side live on the air... and even speak directly with Arwen!  

You’ll hear improv comedy from Derek Mears & The Resistance (FRIDAY THE 13th 2009, SLEEPY HOLLOW) as well as from the hilarious comedy duo of Kelly Vrooman & Lauren Pritchard (THE CHICA SHOW, MAD TV).  

You’ll hear musical performances from Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT), Ace Von Johnson (FASTER PUSSYCAT), Jason Charles Miller (GODHEAD), and Jesse Snider (BAPTIZED BY FIRE).  

You’ll hear exclusive film commentaries for FRIGHT NIGHT (with writer/director Tom Holland), CANDYMAN (with director and co-writer Bernard Rose), THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (with stars Sid Haig and Bill Moseley), and John Carpenter’s THE THING (with guest co-host Drew McWeeny from Hitfix).  

You’ll hear short stories generously donated to the cause by best selling authors Clive Barker and Joe Hill. 

You’ll hear live script readings of Adam Green’s never-before-seen/heard un-produced draft of CABIN FEVER 2, a brand new episode from the upcoming season of HOLLISTON (performed by the cast), and of course… the main event…

A live reading of Chris Columbus’ never-before-seen/heard early draft of THE GOONIES performed by an all-star cast including Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, Joel David Moore, Michael Gladis, Deon Richmond, Felissa Rose, Parry Shen, and many more!   (If you’re a GOONIES fan you need to hear this!  It’s very different from the final shooting script but every bit as awesome!)

The 48 hour Movie Crypt event will be broadcasting live on GeekNation.com, starting at 10pm EST tonight, August 5th, and continuing until 10pm EST on Sunday night, August 7th. Donations to Save a Yorkie Rescue can be made at YouCaring.com/Arwen.

A dedicated Movie Crypt listener since the beginning, I'm very proud of the guys for doing this, and hope this event will be saving a lot of Yorkies.

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