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Later this month, Adam Green's company Ariescope will begin shipping out copies of I, Survivor, a 300 page book that was written by Green and Joe Knetter but is presented as if it was written by HATCHET III / VICTOR CROWLEY character Andrew Yong - in fact, Yong's I, Survivor book tour is part of the VICTOR CROWLEY plot.

Green has a weekly podcast called The Movie Crypt, and this week's episode ties in to the release of I, Survivor. His regular co-host Joe Lynch is absent in this one as Green interviews Andrew Yong (actually actor Parry Shen, who played Yong in the two films). This interview is played completely straight, as if Green is talking to a person who survived a massacre he has made some movies about. It's a fun way to promote the book.

Green notes at the head of the episode that this interview was conducted before the tragic events depicted in VICTOR CROWLEY, so we're hearing Yong before his second encounter with the slasher that haunts Honey Island Swamp. If you've seen VICTOR CROWLEY, you'll also enjoy hearing interjections from another character from that film.

I, Survivor is Yong's 

firsthand account of surviving the horrific 2007 Honey Island Swamp Massacre that left over 40 people butchered in the Louisiana bayou.  From Yong’s childhood as a meek outcast with dreams of becoming a rock star… to the terrible car accident that changed his life’s direction… to his intense love affair and heartbreaking marriage with TV talk show host Sabrina Caruthers… to his terrifying near death encounter with local legend Victor Crowley… to defending his life in the trial of this century… I, SURVIVOR reveals all of the shocking, gruesome, and heartbreaking details of Yong’s life story.

If you'd like to order a copy of the book, head over to Ariescope.com. The Movie Crypt podcast can be found on iTunes and libsyn.

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