Adult Ben cast in Stephen King's IT: Chapter 2

News regarding the upcoming sequel to STEPHEN KING'S IT is really heating up - especially in the casting department. Thus far we have learned that Jessica Chastain has signed on to play adult Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy will be playing adult Bill, Bill Hader will be playing adult Richie, James Ransone will play Eddie, and Andy Bean will portray Stan Uris.

And today we have word via Deadline that Jay Ryan has been cast as the adult version of Ben Hanscom in IT: CHAPTER 2. And don't worry, I know what you're thinking: "Who the hell is Jay Ryan??" Allow me to let Deadline explain:

A New Zealand native, Ryan first broke through on stage with his one person show The Packer in which he played eight characters. The piece played to raves at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where reviewers likened his performance to a live stage version of Trainspotting re-situated in New Zealand. Ryan then went on to play Mark Mitcham, the crafty son of a drug lord in the Golden Globe-and-Emmy Award-winning BBC/Sundance Channel miniseries Top of the Lake for directors Jane Campion and Garth Davis. That same year, the actor was cast as the titular lead in the CW’s award-winning sci-fi series Beauty and the Beast. The actor can be seen on the eOne/Hulu rights-to-die drama series Mary Kills People, the second season of which premiered this month. 

So basically after reading through all of that... we still don't know who the hell this dude is. After all, his closest horror offering is TOP OF THE LAKE. I guess. All the same, I trust in director Andy Muschietti's judgment so I'm sure Ryan will shine as (not so) chubby Ben. And we also can't expect every single one of the adult actors to be A-list stars. And it's probably better in the end if they aren't. 

Little chubby New Kids on the Block-loving Ben was played in the original film by Jeremy Ray Taylor.

Extra Tidbit: That only leaves Mike Hanlon...
Source: Deadline



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