AFM 2013: Lake Placid vs. Anaconda to begin filming in December

I'm truly surprised we haven't already gotten this film from SyFy.

Word has come in pre-AFM that a new film is getting set to roll in Bulgaria that will bring together the LAKE PLACID and ANACONDA franchises, two film series that gets constant rotation on the SyFy network. There are no plot details to the tentatively-titled LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA (horrible title that I'm sure will change) but come on...what more do we really need to know other than two gargantuan behemoths of nature will be facing off and taking out anyone in their path, right? Casting is currently underway with filming scheduled to begin in December.

I'm a sucker for giant snake flicks and I enjoyed a couple of the LAKE PLACID films so maybe this one will be a lot of fun. I hope I'm not spoiling the ending with this next pic.

I'd love to see LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA end with a shot like this.

Extra Tidbit: Would you tune in to check out LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA?



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