AFM news: supernatural thriller The Wait, kindap thriller The Ardor, & The Witch of New-Canaan Woode

The AFM wheeling and dealing just don't quit...

As a result, we have another trio of cool sounding genre flicks to make you aware of. The first is a supernatural thriller called THE WAIT, which stars Jenna Malone and Chloe Sevigny. Visit Films just acquired world rights to the title at AFM, eyeing an early 2013 ready date for the film currently in post.

Directed by M. Blash:

The Wait charts what happens when a mysterious phone call from a psychic plunges a family into a state of suspended belief while waiting for their recently deceased mother to be resurrected. 

Visit Films' Ryan Kwempe had this to say about the project:

“I love when a director can take strong talent and drama and infuse it with the supernatural.”

Agreed Ry, agreed!

Also dealt at the AFM today is a Spanish kidnap-revenge thriller called THE ARDOR, set to star Alice Braga and Gael Garcia Bernal. BAC Films scooped international rights to the Pablo Fendrick title at AFM, a shoot is slated for this coming March.

Garcia-Bernal plays a lone Amazon shaman who comes across a humble tobacco farmer, and his beautiful daughter. When a band of deforesters attack the tobacco farm, the daughter is kidnapped and forced to watch her father being brutally killed.

Fendrick summarized the crux of the theme, calling it:

"the struggle between man and nature, in a dazzling environment increasingly destroyed by deforestation."

Last but not least, K5 Entertainment is handling international sales for Robert Eggers' horror flick THE WITCH OF NEW-CANAAN WOODE. The horror film, planned for a spring/summer 2013 shoot, is set in 17th century New England, where a farming family is tormented by an evil witch.

Here's what Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur, co-founders of K5, said about the flick:

“Robert has a brilliantly obsessive eye for detail and imagery and his background in production design makes him perfect for this. If anyone can scare us out of our wits in darkest 17thcentury New England, it’s him.”

Excellent! A witch movie, a supernatual resurrection thriller and a brutal kidnap revenge yarm? All wildly different but equally promising!

Chloe Sevigny!

Extra Tidbit: Which of 3 flicks mentioned sounds the best?
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