After The Last Stand, Kim-ji Woon heads back to Korea for robot film The Fall Of Humanity

Well it was fun while it lasted, ay folks?

After taking THE LAST STAND with Arnold Schwarzenegger here in the U S of A, word has come down that all-world filmmaker Kim-ji Woon (seen right) will return to his native South Korea to work on a new film called THE FALL OF HUMANITY. While no real details have emerged about the new project, it is said to be about a robot who works in a temple and becomes self-aware.

A lot of wiggle room with that synopsis, but one thing is for sure. Getting to see Kim-ji work in the sci-fi realm is pretty damn exciting. If he can bring half the verve to the genre that he brought to the serial killer subgenre in I SAW THE DEVIL, we're all in for a real treat. Also, considering how Woon so easily moves in and out of genres, we should have the utmost faith he'll deliver a mind-blowing robot yarn. The dude knows no limits, which makes him one of the most interesting directors working today.

As for THE LAST STAND, it's still filming in New Mexico for a January 2013 release. Keep it here for much, much more cool shite from that production in the relatively near future.

THE LAST STAND star Jamie Alexander

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