AITH Presents: Nick Groff's True Tales From Beyond!

Over the past few years, Arrow in the Head and Nick Groff have worked together on a number of cool projects. This includes a couple of spooky investigations that led to a number of unexplained events. We have, of course, followed his work on the terrific Paranormal Lockdown, as well as the cool and inventive Ghosts of Shepherdstown. It’s always been a pleasure working with the producer/television host and all around great guy. And now, we are happy to present to you “Nick Groff’s True Tales From Beyond.” Twice a month we look forward to bringing you a little insight into the world of Mr. Groff, and to get a little glimpse into current investigations and other exciting events that he happens to be involved in.

One of the coolest events that I’ve had the great pleasure to join in on was one of the many locations for The Nick Groff Tour - check out the official website here. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to “Join Nick Groff as he journeys to some of the most iconic haunted locations in America.” My last stop with the tour was the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Not only do you get to spend time in a reportedly haunted location, you also get a little quality time with Nick - it's really an unforgettable experience for his fans. And for those of you looking for a ghostly voice or presence, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. Recently, Nick took the tour to the Ashmore Estates in Illinois. During the evening, they caught something strange on camera. Why don’t I let Nick explain it himself:

"During our Nick Groff Tour event at Ashmore Estates in Illinois we experienced a ton of paranormal activity. People were being scratched, touched, spirit voices heard, shadow figures and a lot of other unexplainable encounters. The one that stood out more than others was a tricycle that moved backwards on its own! I gave it a tap to make sure it was in place and suddenly about 6 seconds after it decided to move backwards toward me. Interesting capture because we were asking something to move the tricycle all night and six hrs later at the end of the night we captured the movement with our LIVE camera filming! Three years ago in the same area we captured a shadow figure on camera that followed me into the room and a recording of a spirit voice saying "GET OUT!" So many experiences and mysteries that lie within Ashmore Estates. A lot of history and hauntings that we are documenting one investigation at a time. At least this time there where twenty people in the room to witness this experience first hand. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Go to www.VIDI.SPACE to watch the full episode.

So make sure you check the full video out on VIDI.SPACE, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. And of course, we look forward to more from Nick Groff and his journey to discover what lies beyond.


Source: AITH



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