AITH Presents: Nick Groff's True Tales From Beyond - Wake in Fear

Before we were introduced to Kristen, Kincaid, Joey, Taryn, Phillip and Will in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS, we were offered a hint of what’s to come with a haunting quote written by Edgar Allan Poe, “Sleep, those little slices of death – how I loathe them.” Whether you are drifting off to slumberland and you hear an unexplained noise, or you fall into a terrifying dream, sleep and dreams commonly play a role in scaring us. In fact, the nightmare sequence is a trope that can be tiring, but if used effectively it adds to the level of terror on display.

Yet in real life, walking up from a dream or hearing a strange noise can be just as terrifying - probably more so. In this weeks True Tales From Beyond with Nick Groff, he opens up about his own experiences of having to wake in a haunted location. I don’t know about you, but spending 72 hours in a place that is known for having mysterious and ghostly occurances would be scary even if you are skeptical about the paranormal. The strain on your body as the fear sets in, and the simple fact that you are not in a safe and comfortable surrounding would be difficult on anybody. Considering Mr. Groff has spent time in some of the scariest places in the world, he had a bit to share on this very subject.

Physically and mentally exhausted is the overwhelming feeling that challenges me every time I live at decrypted haunted locations for 72hrs. I really have to fight through the time that passes during an investigation. I’ll wake up after resting for a hour and not know if it’s day or night. Takes me a few minutes to realize I’m still in a haunted building. It’s like a bad camping trip at times and the feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions. It really takes me a few days when I return home to reenergized and feel back to reality. Especially when I investigate two locations back to back and a ton of traveling in between. Mind over body is what I keep telling myself as I close my eyes in these abandoned locations. The experiences in these places is what keeps my energy going. No sleep for the wicked! Now, time to find a cold dirty ground in the darkness to sleep on for 30mins until the sun comes up again…

When it came to his own experiences, I had to ask, what is one of the scariest moments he’s had waking up in a strange location.

A scary moment for me personally was climbing into the top slab of a decrepit morgue and trying to fall asleep for an hour. Just knowing bodies were kept here before being cremated was extremely disturbing. I suddenly woke up to loud sounds of feet dragging across the floor on the outside of the dark morgue. Being confined to the small metal space and hearing these unexplainable noises frightened me. I had to build up enough courage to go looking for the source of the phantom sounds.

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