AITH goes behind the scenes of the Great Horror Campout!

As a fan of horror I’ve experienced many a genre themed event designed to scare the willing participant. Sometimes they work but oftentimes the “scares” are few and far between. Well, this weekend I returned to what may be the most thrilling horror themed attraction ever. You may have checked out our preview piece on The Great Horror Campout last week, if not you can take a gander here . While the behind the scenes look at a grisly fun time certainly whet my appetite for more, I can honestly say that I am one hundred percent sold on going next year after this weekend. This is thanks to a one hour lights-on tour of the campground itself that I went on two hours before the second spookifying night of terror!

From a search for a severed head, to a blood and gore soaked game of tug-of-war, the seemingly innocent campground was home to some seriously messed up events. On the first night of camp, which took place on June 7th from 8:00pm to 8:00am, there was one victim locked in a cage for over an hour. Happily I had the opportunity to experience this myself yet only for a moment. I convinced one of the monsters to let me out by commenting on his terrific teeth, which of course were stained with black guck. A few of us on the tour were brave enough to go through one of the obstacle courses set up and the idea of going through it at night with only a flashlight… you’ve got to be freaking kidding me! The first thing you have to cross over is a dummy with slippery slimy entrails spilled out of his stomach. Messy and fun to be sure!

During this event nearly every single scare actor in attendance heard the safe phrase, “I want my mommy!” repeated by their frightened little victims. On this tour, we got to meet a few more of the scary camp inhabitants including a freakish goatboy, a scary redneck and some fellow with a mommy fetish. They joined in on the excursion and stayed in character the entire time. Created from urban legends, the camp was haunted by Bigfoot, Chupacabras, Mothman and other things that go bump in the night. The detail was incredibly impressive yet we only saw a brief glimpse of what this twelve hour living nightmare had in-store. Oh how I envy those that experienced all of the chills firsthand.

Over the course of the tour we were able to snap a few pictures and get a little taste of what was to come. While The Great Horror Campout’s camp counselors have all disappeared and those in attendance are left only with nightmares, you can always plan for next year. And yes, I most certainly am planning to join in on the fun next time around.

Extra Tidbit: Did you attend The Great Horror Campout? What were your thoughts of the blood-soaked journey into a living horror film?



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