Alan Moore to write a series of 'occult, noir flecked' short films

What's that creaking sound? I guess it's hell freezing over, given the news of Alan Moore writing his first ever work for the screen. If you're not familiar with Moore, he is the bearded mastermind behind such graphic novels as "V for Vendetta", "Watchmen" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", all of which have been adapted into feature films, with varying level of success. While Moore's disdain for screen adaptations of his work is no secret, it clearly hasn't stopped him from lending his pen to a new series of short films called SHOW PIECES.

According to The Guardian, the first two "occult, noir-flecked" installments in the "multi-layered, multi-episode narrative" have already been written. Better yet - the first one, ACT OF FAITH, has already been filmed, while the second, JIMMY'S END, will be shot in Moore's hometown of Northampton later this year.

SHOW PIECES is being directed by photographer Mitch Jenkins. Siobhan Hewlett ("Torchwood", "Sherlock", pictured below) stars in ACT OF FAITH. Knowing Moore's immense talent, this project is looking extremely interesting, although judging by some of his later, controversial works, probably not to everyone's taste.

Extra Tidbit: What's you favorite movie adaptation of Moore's comics?
Source: The Guardian



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