Alan Moore's original Shudder series debuts this June

Like many of you, I consider Alan Moore to be one of the greatest writers currently working today. Hell, even if the man had JUST written WATCHMEN he would be damn close to topping that list.

That said, Alan Moore is responsible for much more than WATCHMEN. With such classics under his belt like V FOR VENDETTA, FROM HELL, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and SWAMP THING to name a few, the man is a bonafide legend.

What makes today's news even cooler is that the upcoming series SHOW PIECES marks the first time he has written anything for the screen, specifically that is. The new series is set to hit horror-streaming site Shudder exclusively this Summer and today we've got new details on the series as well as your first-look.

SHOW PIECES rundown:

Set in the town of Northampton, UK, Show Pieces is the first work by Alan Moore written specifically for the screen and the first work to explore the bizarre world and characters that frequent an otherworldly gentleman’s club. The five chapters of Show Pieces create a tapestry of madness, malevolence and murderous misdeeds, intersecting to form an original, occult noir thriller with Alan Moore himself appearing in character on screen.

In Chapter One: Act Of Faith, Faith Harrington, a young newspaper reporter with an exotic private life, prepares for a stimulating evening at home that doesn’t go according to plan. In Chapter Two: Jimmy’s End, louche and hard-drinking womanizer James Mitchum finds himself wandering into one strange bar too many. In Chapter Three: Upon Reflection, Faith’s first bewildered arrival at the club is captured in a fixed security mirror above the club’s oddly anachronistic lounge bar. Whilst in Chapter Four: A Professional Relationship, the unusual relationship between the club’s two managers is explored and in Chapter Five: His Heavy Heart, a dreadful realization hits James Mitchum as he is shepherded into his unenviable afterlife.

The soundtrack to Show Pieces features original lyrics by Alan Moore set to music by Adam Drucker and Andrew Broder working as Crook & Flail with help from a cast of vocalists including Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), Alan Sparhawk (Low) and Nona Invie (Dark Dark Dark).

That's a ton of new info! To reiterate, the series will run five episodes, with Moore appearing on screen, and not only that but Moore will be writing the lyrics for the show's soundtrack! Damn, talk about a renaissance man, huh?

SHOW PIECES will exclusively hit Shudder June 29th.

V FOR VENDETTA star Natalie Portman

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Alan Moore comic (other than WATCHMEN)?
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