Alcon Entertainment set to acquire YA alien novel Icons: Book of Sorrow

Another day, another YA novel on the come...

Variety has it that Alcon Entertainment is in talks to pick up ICONS: THE BOOK OF SORROW, a sci-fi novel from BEAUTIFUL CREATURES co-scribe Margaret Stohl (seen right).

BOOK OF SORROW - the first in a 5-book series - begins after an alien race has decimated Earth 300 years in the future. The aliens turn buildings into deadly icons, capable of shutting down all forms of energy and reducing living things to dust in seconds. The only hope lies in four children born immune to the power.

Deadly icons huh? What the hell is that? Not that I'm complaining, anything original is A-okay with me, so long as it's not insultingly stupid. I can't say I've read Stohl's work, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. For now.

How about you? You sick of these outlandish YA novels? Should we cease covering such fare, or like most subgenres, sift through the whey to find the cream?

Extra Tidbit: ICONS or BEAUTIFUL CREATURES...which sounds better?
Source: Variety



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