Alcon secures rights to Oren Peli produced horror/thriller Chernobyl Diaries

It seems this is our first time hearing about the Oren Peli produced horror/thriller CHERNOBYL DIARIES...the international distribution rights of which Alcon Entertainment just scooped up. Aside from North America, Alcon will release the film in Germany, Spain and Japan.

Based on an original story by Peli, CHERNOBYL DIARIES is set in the city of Prypiat that once housed the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, the horror-thriller follows a group of friends who, while vacationing in Europe, find themselves stranded in the abandoned city only to discover that they are not alone.

Brad Parker - who did impressive FX work on LET ME IN - will make his directorial debut with CHERNOBYL DIARIES. Peli will produce of course, with FilmNation Entertainment financing.

Alright, so what do we think about this one? I like the idea of a horror film being set amid a real-life disaster site, but first time filmmakers are always dicey. Then there's this Peli fella, who after turning his $5,000 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY into a multi-million dollar franchise, has become one of the richest power players in Hollywood. Too bad his film AREA 51 is said to be such shit that it'll never see the light of day. Dude knows where is bread is buttered...investing in low-budget/high-yield films that OTHER people make. Oh the business of film...so utterly devoid of artistic integrity...far too much about the bottom line.

Oh well. What are your initial reactions to CHERNOBYL DIARIES?

Extra Tidbit: How was the Oren Peli directed pilot for "The River"? Has Luisana Lopilato (above) appeared in the show yet?
Source: Deadline



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